Wednesday, 15 June 2011


If you're anything like me, you probably have numerous kitchen appliances that are stainless steel - we sort of can't help it can we? Someone decides it's fashionable to have a steel fridge, freezer, sink, hob, toaster- whatever- and then it's almost impossible to buy anything else!
And the word "stainless" seems to be a bit inaccurate to me- all my "stainless" steel has finger marks and smears all over it! Wiping it with water doesn't always get it shiny again and I'm definitely NOT buying the stainless steel cleaning spray I've just seen in the supermarket for £4.06! Eeeek! What do they think we're made of? Money?
I have just discovered the ideal thing to clean stainless steel- white vinegar on a soft cloth. It's cheap, it sanitizes, has no dangerous chemicals, cuts through grease and doesn't scratch.
If you wanted to get a bit more posh- you could buy a spray bottle to fill with white vinegar and then spray it on and wipe off- but I wouldn't bother - it's just more expense!

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