Thursday, 26 May 2011


I've just found this amazing offering from Dorling Kindersley - their Things to Do site. It's great!
There are children's clip-art, screensavers, activity sheets (like Richard Hammond's Bottle Rocket to make), recipes (I especially like the Puppy Dog Cup cakes) and interactive quiz games.
The adults are not left out either - there are Household Tips, quizzes, screensavers, widgets and recipes. Of course these offerings are all excerpts from their books, but even so - it's a great resource for a wet day!
More ideas for school holidays!


It can't have escaped your notice that it's half term next (or even this) week. The weather is impossibly changeable at the moment and paying for things to do inside is getting prohibitively expensive - particularly if you have children. But never fear, your old friend Google has come up with a massive countrywide list and map of FREE museums and galleries to visit. There are around 135 free museums (some with gardens) and galleries to visit for absolutely nothing!
Choose from subjects such as Air Sciences,
Roman Forts, Wool, Science, Transport, Railways, Armouries, Slavery, Earth Sciences, Glass, Rural Life, Media, Industrial, Marbles, Coal Mining, Football, History, Clocks, Natural History and more.
There has to be something for everyone!
More ideas for school holidays!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Yes, you really can make fabric conditioner from hair conditioner! And it's so much cheaper.
1.5l of Tesco Concentrated Fabric Conditioner is £1.93 (at 13p per 100ml just about the cheapest around)), but Tesco Value hair conditioner is 5p per 100ml and
Tesco Smooth Conditioner (with some nice smells) is 10p per 100ml. This works out so much cheaper when diluted as a fabric softener.
After much research on the net, I found that a dilution of 1 part hair conditioner to 10 parts water was the norm. I tried this and it didn't really work as it was a bit watery, so I make mine 1 part hair conditioner to 6-7 parts water- use any small container to measure out into a big bottle, screw the cap on, shake well and there you have it- great fabric conditioner (I can't see any difference to actual fabric conditioner in my washing).
However, I did notice something really useful - with a mixture made from hair conditioner I DON'T get a build up of black mould in the conditioner dispenser of my washing machine, whereas with fabric conditioner I do.


We had a roast chicken on Sunday, some more chopped up with pasta and salad last night and I WAS going to curry the rest tonight. I say WAS, because I have a bowl of home-made potato salad in the fridge which I made on Saturday and forgot to serve twice (don't ask!) - so we have to have salad tonight again - don't think potato salad goes with curry somehow!

So- I've fished out two ancient, wrinkly green peppers out of the bottom of the fridge, added a few cloves of garlic, a chopped onion, a chopped piece of fennel I bought reduced for 22p on the way home last night (had to buy salad leaves- mine in the garden haven't grown big enough yet) mixed it with some oil left over from a pot of olives and roasted the whole lot in the oven. When it's done I'm going to mix with the last morsels of chicken and a tin of Ratatouile and layer it with lasagne to serve with salad tonight - plus the potato salad! If I remember, that is...
Happy frugal eating!