Saturday, 5 February 2011


What have I done to save money this week? I'm going to keep asking myself that question every day, every week - just to keep my mind focussed on my spending (and saving).
Well, this week I have:
  • stored my roll-on deodourant upside down to get another week's (or maybe 2 weeks) applications. It works.
  • poured boiled water over my mascara brush, shaken off the excess and replaced it in the capsule. Has already given me another week of daily applications as my mascara was dry and running out. It's going to last next week as well.
  • Walked 100 yards across the shoppping centre to buy my usual shampoo from an independant pharmacy for £1.19 as Superdrug had put it up to £2.03!
  • Remembered that the so-called cheap chain stores are not always the cheapest!
  • Checked out the reduced counter in my local supermarket and bought 3 pineapples for 60p (not strictly saving money, I know - but we like it and only buy it when it's reduced).
  • Eaten Saturday night's leftovers for my lunch on Tuesday - mmm, Jamie Oliver Tapas!
Can't remember anything else at the moment - but I'm working on it.

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