Friday, 18 February 2011


February half-term is a great time to get the kids gardening. Spring is on the way and it's time for everything to start growing. If you begin in this half-term holiday, you can carry on and develop the gardening activities in the Easter holidays.
The Royal Horticultural Society has an edible frog pond to create - yummy! There are also colouring sheets to download, an ice mobile to make and fascinating horticultural facts.
The BBC's Gardening with Children website has more ideas. Gardening with your kids may not exactly be free, but you can improvise. Collect yoghourt pots and other plastic food containers and explore the seeds at your local garden centre or supermarket. Look for special children's mixed seed packets which may work out more varied than buying lots of packets of different seeds. Check dates and see what could be planted now and what should be done at Easter - but even now, it's not too early to start planning. Don't just think about flowers- lettuce seeds are great for coming up quickly and can be sown every couple of weeks in containers for a great crop all summer - buy mixed salad leaves seeds for the most interesting and colourful show.
Don't forget that by Easter there should be plenty of other seeds that children can plant. Lovely large seeds like courgette and squash can be planted one to a pot and will soon be sturdy little plants (keep up high away from snails!) ready to plant out for summer.
Children can then eat their own produce!
More ideas for school holidays!

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