Friday, 18 February 2011


A whole week to keep the kids occupied without spending too much - how will we cope?
Well, by being inventive, active, educational and economical of course! Yes, I know, easier said than done - but I've got some ideas!
First, think about being outside as much as you can if the weather is dry. Doesn't matter if we don't see the sun or if it's freezing cold - as long as it's not raining, get out there!
So try a woodland walk- the Woodland Trust (very topical in the fight to save our Ancient Woodlkands) has a whole range of activities to download for free and free packs. There are bird spotting sheest with colouring and activities and as a last resort for a rainy day there are a great selection of online games on the site. There are quizzes and puzzle sheets too. So that's a bit of outside activity and something quiet and relaxing to do when you all get back home.
More ideas for school holidays!

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