Thursday, 30 December 2010


Megabus is offering 10,000 free tickets on its routes starting and finishing in England and Wales, for journeys between the 1st of February and the 3rd of April 2011, Mondays to Thursdays (excluding 14th to 20th February inclusive - probably as this is school half-term in most areas). *There is a 50p booking fee per transaction (not per ticket).
Just visit the site and search for the route you need.
Happy Frugal travelling!

Friday, 24 December 2010


At the depressing news that Marks and Spencer's sale starts on-line tonight and in-store on Boxing Day my heart sinks. Haven't we already spent enough? My inbox is flooded with "up to 50% off " sales notices - and you know what? I don't care. If I buy anything in the sales it may be a box of decent crackers for next Christmas - couldn't get any this year as stores were asking £8-£10 for rubbish or £15-£20 for slightly less rubbish.
At least this year I won't still be moving plastic keyrings, hippo shaped bottle openers and metal puzzles around the sideboard until April! Yep - it gets to Easter and, guess what? I throw them away or send them to the charity shop. Why do we bother with crackers? Because we're being brain-washed. Christmas is a retail and media construction, pressurising us into believing that it won't be a great Christmas unless we buy this or that and eat this or that.
As for the sales - well they can stick their sales - if it was ALL genuinely 50% off it may be worth looking at - but it's not. The tat that no-one would be silly enough to buy is 50% off - like that weird plastic belt, strange hat, ugly clutch bag or tiny rubbish chain necklace. Anything that you'd really want has a quid knocked off it if you're lucky.
Enjoy your Christmas Day, spend quality time with your family and watch rubbish TV - forget the sales - who cares? Save your money - in 2011 you're probably going to need it.
Happy Frugal Christmas!

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Fave Crafts has on offer 15 free ebooks . There's a great choice - all free to download. Titles are:
14 New Year's Eve Party Ideas,
12 Fun and Fabulous Mod Prodge projects, Perfect for Christmas Giving: 6 Gift in a Jar Ideas, Quick and Easy Decoupage, 9 Thanksgiving Decorations to Make, The Make My Own HolidayGifts Guide, Homemade Halloween Decorations, How to Halloween, Make it a Red Heart Holiday Knitting & Crochet ebook, 12 Thrifty Trash to Treasure Crafts, Cheap Home Decor, 8 Free Apron Sewing Patterns, 25 Afghan Patterns and Fun With Fabric Dye.
Happy Frugal Christmas!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


In hard times it pays to look back to even harder ones to see how we can copy ideas. War-time families wasted nothing, Every scrap of food was made into another dish and every scrap of fabric was made into something else. It was the ultimate time for recycling, re-using and mending and now we can do this too. Not only is it good for the planet, but it's good for our frugal lifestyles as well and it isn't difficult.
Sheets that are worn thin or ripped can be used to back patchwork or cushion covers. Old curtains can be cut up to make tablecloths, cushion covers or throws - or even smaller curtains (removing faded, worn and damaged parts of course). Old towels and tea towels can be torn up for cleaning cloths.
Don't throw away clothes that are torn, stained or damaged. Look at the fabric - can you make something else from it? Can you match it with other scraps and make something? Does it have a zip you can re-use? Can you cover a small hole in a blouse or t-shirt with embroidery or a cute patch?
Cut off buttons, bows, ribbons, beads and pieces of lace. Keep a button tin - buttons can be used to decorate bags, hats, gloves, cushions and fabric trainers. They can even be used as, well, buttons - to replace lost ones.
Use odd china cups as summer planters and saucers as water trays under houseplants. Even the really broken china can be used in the bottom of plant pots for drainage. Keep jam jars to re-use when you make jams and chutneys or use them for tea light holders indoors or out.
I now look at everything closely before I get rid of it and ask myself these questions;
Can I sell it? Can I use it to make something else or use it in a different way? Can take it apart and use the components? Can I give it to someone else to use- Freecycle, Freegle or the charity shop?
Only when I've exhausted all those ideas do I actually throw anything out - and I still have a bin full of rubbish every week - oh well, I'm trying!