Thursday, 8 July 2010


This one keeps doing the rounds, but actually there must still be a few of these valuable 2p coins still out there!
Check all your old money boxes, down the sides of the cushions on your 3-piece suite, in your old money jars, in the kids' piggy banks, the back of the junk draw (yes, I've got one too) in that old ash tray - check everywhere!
If you find a 1983 2p coin that actually says "NEW PENCE" on it instead of "TWO PENCE" - then you're quids in.
It has to be dated 1983 AND it has to say "NEW PENCE", because this is due to a mistake made that year. Back in 1981 it was decided that, as decimalisation had taken place some years before, new pence were no longer "new" - so the wording on the coin would from then on be changed to "TWO PENCE". Someone made a mistake somewhere and in 1983 some 2p pieces were made with the words "NEW PENCE" on them. It would be interesting to know how many were made!
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