Wednesday, 9 June 2010


It's hot and dry and yes, we've got ants! They appear from nowhere, suddenly running along windowsills and work tops or crawling around a cupboard - uuugh!
So, how can we get rid of them naturally and frugally? Here's a few ideas to try;
White vinegar - mix 50/50 with water and wipe down surfaces, where you've seen ants, regularly throughout the day. This works by discouraging ants because they dislike the smell of vinegar and it destroys their scent trails which they use to navigate around your house!
Coffee grounds - sprinkle around the outside near any doorways where you can see ants entering. This works by repelling the ants because, again, they don't like the smell.
Talcum powder (or chalk) - again, sprinkle around doorways or any corners where you can see ants entering. Talcum powder is also useful to use on carpet, along skirting boards or across doorways, because you can vacuum it up when you're finished with it! This works as it is a natural ant repellant.
Borax and jam - mix 50/50 Borax and jam and spread around outside where ants are coming in (but not where people are likely to tread!). This works because ants are attracted to the jam and eat it but the Borax will kill them once ingested.
Herbs - Spinkle black pepper, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, mint, chilli, cloves garlic or whatever one you happen to have around the affected areas. This works because again, these strong smelling herbs and spices are repellant to the ants.
All these methods can take time, but they will work. I also kill any stray ant that I see, because (and this may be an old wives' tale) I've heard that they can go back to the nest and bring other ants back with them - thay have some way of "telling" the rest of the ants where to go for a good feed! Sounds crazy I know - but hey, it may just be true!

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