Sunday, 16 May 2010


In my many recent visits to the local charity shops in the last couple of weeks, I've realised that there seems to be an abundance of bric-a-brac and gifts - people are spring cleaning and having a clearout while they're at it! They're cleaning under their beds and finding little bags of unwanted Christmas gifts that they didn't know where to put at the time, so they just rammed them under the bed- I know- I do it! They're getting out their summer clothes and coming across boxes of stuff in the back of their wardrobes that they just don't have the space to keep any more. That's where we score! The charity shops are also quieter in good weather and often have more stock.
Get your gift lists written and start visiting your local charity shops regularly. Goods are continually being sorted and displayed - as shelves empty, the shop staff have to fill them, so keep visiting and make sure you go before Friday or Saturday as I've often spotted something on a Thursday - thought I'd come back for it on Friday afternoon or Saturday, only to discover it's gone!
Look for new, packed gifts, good glass or pottery, unusual (but perfect) mugs to pack with mini gifts or sweets, new knitting yarn to knit gifts with, or, if you are a jewellery maker - loose beads or findings to create that individual piece that no-one else will ever have.
Remember, if you spot a bargain, buy it at the time - as the odds are on, someone else will spot it too!

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