Tuesday, 13 April 2010


It's official - it's spring - it must be - my lawn is full of dandelions! They're a nuisance, I know, but you can make use of them - and they're free! Eat them! (And they're also rich in iron, calcium and Vitamin C, as a bonus).
Of course, if you're going to eat dandelions then you may need a few more than those on your lawn! Go out walking and fill a bag full - good exercise and free food! That said, I never like to eat anything picked from the side of a busy road - I don't like the idea of the car pollution that may affect the food. Try to walk in wild areas where you're reasonably sure no-one sprays pesticides.
Cook them as a green leafy veg accompaniment to your meal -
wash the leaves well with water, then put them in a pan, pour boiling water over them and boil for five minutes. Season with a little salt and butter. Eat! If the taste is too strong, cook some dandelion buds with them to soften the taste.
You can also eat them raw in a salad (they may be a little bitter), add them to a sandwich or stir fry them in a little olive oil.
The recipes are endless; make wine, jelly, soup, fry the blossoms, make fritters.

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