Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Yes, there's loads of free ways to get the kids (and us) up off the sofa and away from the computer games this Easter (and whenever).
  • Take a football, frisbee or kite to the park or beach and just run around!
  • Walk your dog (or someone else's) and I mean really walk the dog - like about 3 miles a day and briskly! Dogplay has over 40 other inventive activities to do with your dog!
  • If it rains, get the kids involved in the housework (even if you have to bribe them!) -clean the house from top to bottom whilst listening to your favourite music and work off those calories!
  • Get them out in the garden - mow the grass, sweep up, plant seeds, do the weeding, get rid of rubbish, dead head the plants.
Last of all, get enough sleep - make sure the kids wear themselves out and get to bed early (and up early the next day) and you'll all probably feel better by the end of the Easter holidays!
More ideas for the school holidays!

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