Sunday, 10 January 2010


As the weather is making most of us stay in - it's really thick snow here where I live anyway - I feel like looking around the cupboards and seeing what I can cook.
I have heard that there was fighting in my local supermarket yesterday - over loaves of bread! apparently quite a few shops have none and people are starting to panic buy! I'd be more concerned about milk if I were them - after seeing on the news that farmers' are pouring away their milk down the drain as the milk tankers can't get to them to collect it.
However, that's another story.
Today I have made my broccoli stalk soup (we're having roast pork tonight with broccoli, carrots and roast potatoes) - so instead of throwing away the 2 huge stalks we made lunch with them - 2 great big bowls of soup and one small one for the freezer for me later on in the week!

PS I also made some Seedy Flapjack bars!

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