Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I know I've blogged about the sales before this, but actually, I've just remembered how expensive everything I was looking at seemed to be, before Christmas. I mean really, really unusually expensive.
Yes, really - I couldn't believe just how ludicrous some of the prices were. We are being cynically manipulated by the retailers into believing that these items really
are worth those inflated prices - then, hey presto! in the sales we are being told that prices are "50% off" - or, actually "up to 50%". So when you actually come to buy an item you often realise it's only got 5% or 10% off it anyway! (That would be 5% or 10% off the 300% they put on the price when the item went out on the shelves).
Sorry for being a post Christmas grouch, but I'm really fed up with the manipulation of the large retailers. We as the buyers, would like a bit of respect. I for one, would rather have a genuine 10% discount, than an inflated 50% off an item whose price had been doubled a month before!
Remember this: an item is only worth what people are prepared to pay for it. Think about it.

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