Tuesday, 8 September 2009


If you're thinking about trying to improve your job prospects - or just wanting to study to keep your brain active, The Open Study College has loads of courses to choose from , including GCSE's and "A" levels. There are also many vocational courses which may help you progress in the career you already have and they are offering 15% off the cost of courses at the moment.
It's September, so there will also be loads of evening classes starting soon (check your local further ed college, secondary school or library for details). These can be costly, but if you are on certain benefits, they are sometimes a little cheaper. But they often don't cost more than around £6-7 per week - this, apart from being enjoyable, could be an investment in your future (or your future well-being) and the cost really only equates to a couple of beers or a takeaway - something we could all probably do without for a while!
Plus, the OU's list of free courses is fabulous (do them on-line and join in with others for support) or if you need to do one of their full courses you may be able to get help with the fees - take a look at their site - and don't forget you can use your Tesco deals tokens to pay for them!
Happy Frugal Studying!

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