Thursday, 17 September 2009


I don't know about you - but no-one in my family will eat bananas when the skin has gone brown (or even a bit brown and spotty) and the fruit tastes very strong. I hate waste, so it's usually me who has to eat them! I'm not that keen either as I prefer mine to have very clear, deep yellow skins - mmmm just right!
Never store your bananas in the fridge - this makes them go brown and they aren't very tasty cold anyway. I store my bananas in a pull out tray in a cool cupboard and have recently discovered that if you separate them all from the bunch they last very much longer. Greenish ones will continue to ripen slightly, but yellow ones do not go brown and overipe so quickly, and, as I only buy my bananas once a week, that's a bonus for me!

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