Monday, 8 June 2009


I've been doing on line surveys for a while now and I don't know whether you've tried this, but some of them are really hard to earn any money from; they either don't send you any survey notifications or when they do, you start the survey, spend some time on it and then they tell you you are not the right demographic, or that the survey's finished or full. How annoying is that!
No-one is saying that survey filling is well paid, but if you are time rich and cash poor, then it is at least a way to earn a little something! I've been doing
YouGov surveys for a while now and, although you have to have earned £50 (5000 points) before they pay out, they do play fair and pay you by cheque when you've done surveys for them. This year I have been offered at least 2 surveys per month (sometimes more) and each pays at least 50-75 points. Do remember though, that they offer a monthly prize draw as well and this will cost 50 of your points if you choose to do it.
YouGov are a reputable source of public opinion and are often quoted in the media, and it's a way to get your opinion out there! So if you can spare a few minutes either at home or in your lunch break at work, sign up now with
You never know, that £50 cheque may well come in handy just when you need it!

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