Thursday, 18 June 2009


If you need some extra income - and let's admit it, who doesn't, then the Spareground website could be for you. This site matches up those people who have a garage, driveway, industrial unit, business premises, studio, bedroom, garden, parking space - whatever, with those desperate people who are looking for just those things! There was even someone in Cambridge who was offering camping space in their garden at £10 per person per night! If you live near a large employer- say a hospital or university, or even better, a railway station, you can rent out your driveway to commuters - a parking space in Whitstable, for example, is priced at £90 per month! There are offers of attic storage (I could use some of that - you should see the junk in mine!) and factory space - just about every conceivable kind of "space" is listed. People are also listing large gardens to rent out to others with more time and energy to grow vegetables, so if you have a huge plot that you can't (or don't want to) manage this could be the answer.
Even better, and more unusually, it's absolutely free to list on the site. There are 13 pages of offers at the moment (you can also put in a "wanted" ad if you need something) and although I found nothing for rent in my south-east corner of the country, I'm sure it will soon grow once people get to know about it.

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