Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Your public library is a treasure trove of little-publicised money saving opportunities- and we're not just talking about being able to borrow books for free! But actually, let's start with books -yes, you can borrow novels to read - why buy paperbacks (not cheap) read them once and then leave them to gather dust on your shelves? If you like a particular author and your local library doesn't carry all their titles they can order them in for you - just check the library catalogue.
Think about other moneymaking or moneysaving ideas that can be got from books - there are books of frugal recipes, small business ideas, how to grow your own vegetables, learn a new language, make your own clothes and gifts, renovate your house, teach yourself a new skill -the list is endless!
And it doesn't begin and end with books- you can rent music CD's, DVD's and Playstation and Xbox games- very useful if you have kids who tire of their games easily! Your library can also be a source of info on local clubs, support groups, events and activities. You may be able to attend children's activities- particularly in school holidays, and both you and your kids may make some new friends. Adults may be able to join book clubs or creative writing circles and you can also use the internet for free if you don't have easy access at home. Your library can also be a haven of peace and quiet - want to get away from the noise in or around your house? - just settle in a corner of your local library with a book, newspaper or magazine and savour the quiet! That said, school holidays may not be the best time to find peace and quiet in a library!
You pay for your local library service as part of your council tax payment - so get your moneysworth!
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