Tuesday, 28 April 2009


If you and your family are fans of fizzy drinks, then you can save money (and drink less sugar) by diluting a fruit juice with carbonated water from the supermarket. For example, a 2 litre bottle of Sainsbury's Basics sparkling water is 12p today, so you can mix 250 mls sparkling water (0.150p) with 250 mls of a their Basics orange juice (0.14p) and you have a huge tumbler of fizzy orange for 15.50 pence! Of course you can make the mixture a little stronger by adding more fruit juice, but as any juice tends to be rather sweet anway, I personally always use the 50/50 recipe. You'll be avoiding drinking all those ghastly extra ingredients in fizzy drinks, like sacharine and aspartame, and you'll also be cutting down on the sugar!
You can adapt this recipe by using absolutely any flavour juice you like - or even better, mixing your own, e.g. orange and pineapple, apple and grape etc., etc.
I keep both ingredients in the fridge and mix as I go, but this drink works well for parties and BBQs as well, as it can be mixed in large jugs with ice, slices of fruit and mint leaves and is all ready for your guests to help themselves. It also looks so much more appetising than the carton of juice with the corner cut off, sitting warming up on the kitchen counter!
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