Tuesday, 28 April 2009


If you and your family are fans of fizzy drinks, then you can save money (and drink less sugar) by diluting a fruit juice with carbonated water from the supermarket. For example, a 2 litre bottle of Sainsbury's Basics sparkling water is 12p today, so you can mix 250 mls sparkling water (0.150p) with 250 mls of a their Basics orange juice (0.14p) and you have a huge tumbler of fizzy orange for 15.50 pence! Of course you can make the mixture a little stronger by adding more fruit juice, but as any juice tends to be rather sweet anway, I personally always use the 50/50 recipe. You'll be avoiding drinking all those ghastly extra ingredients in fizzy drinks, like sacharine and aspartame, and you'll also be cutting down on the sugar!
You can adapt this recipe by using absolutely any flavour juice you like - or even better, mixing your own, e.g. orange and pineapple, apple and grape etc., etc.
I keep both ingredients in the fridge and mix as I go, but this drink works well for parties and BBQs as well, as it can be mixed in large jugs with ice, slices of fruit and mint leaves and is all ready for your guests to help themselves. It also looks so much more appetising than the carton of juice with the corner cut off, sitting warming up on the kitchen counter!
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Thursday, 23 April 2009


This kind of modelling is great - for hand modelling you don't have to be stick thin, or six feet tall - you only need good hands, well manicured, and moisturised! Men can do it too! The downside is that most of the work is in London. But it could be worth the travelling! Take a look at www.derekshands.com or handmodels1.com to get an idea what's required.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


You can get 2 for 1, money off discounts and kids go free offers in the south east on the southeastoffers.com website. There are offers on all sorts of accommodation, e.g. a £50 off voucher for Sandy Balls Holiday Centre, 20% discount on entry for the Portsmouth Historical Dockyard and Beaulieu, 2 for 1 entry to Denmans Gardens near Fontwell, kids go free at Brading Roman Villa, IOW, 2 for 1 on some restaurant meals and much, much more. The only fault I can find is that where listings show a website link to the accommodation or attraction listed, the link does not work - so if you want to take a look at the website you have to copy and paste the link, but, that said, this site is full of great offers if you live in or want to visit the South East of England.To get the relevant vouchers all you need to do is sign in with your email address.
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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Your public library is a treasure trove of little-publicised money saving opportunities- and we're not just talking about being able to borrow books for free! But actually, let's start with books -yes, you can borrow novels to read - why buy paperbacks (not cheap) read them once and then leave them to gather dust on your shelves? If you like a particular author and your local library doesn't carry all their titles they can order them in for you - just check the library catalogue.
Think about other moneymaking or moneysaving ideas that can be got from books - there are books of frugal recipes, small business ideas, how to grow your own vegetables, learn a new language, make your own clothes and gifts, renovate your house, teach yourself a new skill -the list is endless!
And it doesn't begin and end with books- you can rent music CD's, DVD's and Playstation and Xbox games- very useful if you have kids who tire of their games easily! Your library can also be a source of info on local clubs, support groups, events and activities. You may be able to attend children's activities- particularly in school holidays, and both you and your kids may make some new friends. Adults may be able to join book clubs or creative writing circles and you can also use the internet for free if you don't have easy access at home. Your library can also be a haven of peace and quiet - want to get away from the noise in or around your house? - just settle in a corner of your local library with a book, newspaper or magazine and savour the quiet! That said, school holidays may not be the best time to find peace and quiet in a library!
You pay for your local library service as part of your council tax payment - so get your moneysworth!
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Yes, you really can make money from your hair- if it's long enough that is! Wig makers will pay for clean, chemical free hair, so if you've been wanting a new look and have really long locks, get it cut now. You can make up to £5 per ounce if the available hair is more than 12" (approx 31cm) long. Don't cut your hair before you know you have a buyer - it's a case of "the fresher the better" and make sure your hairdresser knows what you plan to do before he or she starts styling your new look!
Contact the main buyer of hair in this country - www.wigsuk.com.

Friday, 3 April 2009


If you’re not particularly bothered about the exact date and time you travel, but are far more interested in getting the cheapest fare, then Best Fare Finder is for you. It’s in Beta testing at the moment – but give it a go and let them know how you get on.

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Gresham College in London offers academic lectures and events for free - both online and off. For over 400 years Gresham Professors have given free public lectures in the City of London. The College is named after Sir Thomas Gresham, son of Sir Richard Gresham who was Lord Mayor in 1537/38.
Have a look at their schedule