Saturday, 21 February 2009


Are you eligible for the winter fuel payment? Have you claimed yet? All claims for the 2008/9 winter fuel payment must be received by 30 March 2009, so check if you can claim. If one person in the household is 60 a claim can be made.
This is a payment that you should get automatically if you are receiving a state pension, but there are a few cases where you may fall through the net! Men (and some women*) who become 60 and do not claim their fuel payment until they are 65, could be missing out on up to £1250!
You can claim back for past winters (providing you qualified at the time, but only for 97/97, 98/99, 99/2000), forms
More info HERE.

* the state pension age for women is gradually changing between 2010 and 2046 (to eventually become 65 years) and so it could be possible for women to reach 60 years and not be in receipt of state pension, and so miss out on winter fuel payment.

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