Saturday, 17 January 2009


And finally, when I was really in trouble for money, my very first bill to pay every month was my mortgage - even before food! I had the opinion that if you paid your mortgage (or rent) then you were safe and secure in your home and any other bills would have to wait (or be given an offer of a small payment off the debt).
But, that said, I know it's not always that simple; if you are staggering under massive debt, have economised on everything you can, cannot see how you can pay your mortgage, rent or other bills or have been made redundant, then you need help NOW. If you can't see a way out of the situation, then don't delay - contact someone for help (not the loan companies that advertise on TV). Free, impartial help can be got from the Citizen's Advice Bureau - they can advise on employment problems, debt and benefits (and much more), Community Legal Advice or the National Debt Line
The main thing to always remember is that doing nothing but ignoring final reminders etc, will make things so much worse in the end. The whole problem will have to be sorted at some point - make sure you are the one to instigate that process, not the courts. Get in first and stay in control.

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