Thursday, 8 January 2009


Lastly, economise on your food bill; plan a week's menu at a time, buy supermarket own brands, never buy too much fresh food at a time, unless it will freeze. Always check at the end of the day for reductions in chilled foods and fruit and veg - and if you can't cook, teach yourself by looking up ingredients on the 'net and getting recipes or borrowing a basic cookery book from the library. Don't buy expensive ready meals or bags of prepared vegetables, washed salads, or chopped fresh fruit. Buy in season where possible and try to shop with a friend, relative or neighbour and share the savings on BOGOF deals, if you can't use up all the food in the offer. Ask around at work or in your neighbourhood to see if anyone grows their own fruit or vegetables or has chickens. Make it known that you would like to buy produce from them, providing it costs less than the supermarket of course! Cook in bulk and freeze your own meals. Take home-made packed lunches and drinks to work each day. Use coupons and reward card schemes, but don't buy expensive items you wouldn't normally use just to get a small amount off.

Finally, when you are tempted to buy something, decide carefully whether you need it or just want it, mend and repair everything you can and try to put some money aside in a savings account each month, but pay off all debts first, as borrowed money usually costs more than you can earn in most savings accounts - especially in the current economic climate!
Happy Frugal New Year!

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