Friday, 16 January 2009


I think this may be the very first thing this year that has cheered me up! I have, today, bought a great pair of flared, black cord jeans (M & S) from my local Oxfam shop. They appear to be unworn or at least very new and have great silver studs on the back pockets! They have that lovely black velvety look of new cord and the fit is great.
I hardly ever go clothes shopping because a) I can't often find stuff I like and b) my nearest "clothes shopping" town is 10 miles away with very expensive street parking! Frugallers don't pay to park!

Well, you've probably heard enough of all that by now, but my main point is that there are nearly always bargains to be had in your local charity shops. I live in a (not very affluent) rural market town with 7 charity shops and, yes, much of the stuff on offer is very worn out QS or Primark, but every so often, there's a gem - and the money you've paid goes to help someone as well.
Remember that Oxfam has just been offering an M & S voucher if you donate a bag of clothes with at least one M & S item in it - that's why there are a few more great items in their stores at the moment.
So get charity shop shopping - there's got to be a better way of expressing that! Chopping? No perhaps not!

Happy Frugal clothes shopping!

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