Saturday, 10 January 2009


Cancel that gym membership - you don't need it! (Well, unless you enjoy posing in lycra, sitting on bike seats after men with sweaty bum stains on their shorts or being parted from £30+ a month!).
I've just been reading that you can lose up to 24 lbs in a year just by walking! I've seriously got to try it (especially after putting on 4lbs over Christmas) as it's free and has other health benefits like improving heart and lung fitness, building bone density and cheering us up, as all those feel good endorphins start rushing around our bodies. So ignore all those slimming club adverts and save your money - get walking!.
Apparently all you need to do is go for a brisk 45 minute walk, four times a week. Your pace should just be fast enough to make you a little warm and sweaty, but you should not be so breathless that you couldn't hold a conversation. By the way, the last time I regularly went out walking (about 3 years ago!) it took me an hour to walk 3 miles, so that gives some idea how far your 45 minutes will take you.
You should also aim for 10000 steps a day - that's easy to count if you have a pedometer, but not if you don't! If you do have one, try wearing it for a normal day - if you're anything like me you may get a shock at how few steps you've done in a day - even when you genuinely think you've been constantly walking about.
So that's resolution Number 1 - I'm going to walk more. This should help with resolution number 2 - to lose 4 stone this year! (without it costing me any money) - I'll let you know how it goes.

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