Friday, 19 December 2008


Well, we're nearly there - 5 more days for you to NOT spend your hard-earned cash! So hold your nerve (and your wallet) and think clearly. Don't run out to the shops every 5 minutes like a mad thing and spend another £50 or more!
Make a coffee, sit down, take a pen and pad and think calmly about Christmas. What do you need Christmas Eve? Once you've bought/made your presents and wrapped them, and if no-one is visiting, you just need a quick supper, a satsuma or 3, some chocolate and a stiff drink! (With a bit of good telly thrown in!). Of course, you could go down the pub and get legless - but that's not very frugal is it?
The shops are really only shut on Christmas day, so mentally check through your menu from Christmas breakfast to bedtime and list what you and your guests will eat and drink. Don't go mad with tea-time food - most people will still be too stuffed from lunch, to eat much in the evening. We are planning a games evening with some guests, with only a few crisps and nibbles and a few cubes of assorted cheeses and savouries. I think I've got enough of those, plus some drinks, nuts and fruit for Boxing Day and leftover Christmas lunch to munch on - and the odd mince pie.
Do not buy every expensive "Christmassy" offering in the supermarket, just in case one of your guests may ask for it! If Great Aunt Polly wants walnuts pickled in Madeira wine or whatever, well, that's tough - I'm sure you'll have plenty of other goodies to offer.
Look on the bright side - by the time you venture out to the shops on the day after Boxing Day, everything you need will probably be reduced anyway!
Happy Frugal Christmas!

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