Tuesday, 4 November 2008


It's time to hit those charity shops everyone! I've been out this morning to all my local charity shops and most of them have displays of Christmas goods. Get them soon before they're gone! Today I have seen:
  • a cream fleece cushion cover decorated with plush snowmen, gold sequins and beads in vgc- 99p (I had difficulty resisting that, but I did!)
  • a brand new Marks and Spencer's fleece hat, gloves and scarf set, still with all its shop labels and hanger - £2 (I stood for ages trying to think who I could buy this for - damn! There just wasn't anyone!)
  • a china snowman candleholder complete with silver sparkle and glass holder - £1 (I resisted, only because I have loads of candleholders already).
  • a brand new pair of Debenhams fleece thermal ladies' gloves, still with shop tags - £2
  • a set of Christmas fridge magnets - £1 (and no, I wasn't at all tempted!)
and there was much, much more in the way of Christmas decorations, candles and ornaments. I suppose it's all on show as we've now hit November, but I'm betting most of these items won't be on the shelves long. Make your lists now and get charity shop-ping!

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