Saturday, 27 September 2008


I overheard two women talking yesterday in my local shop and, although I caught only a few words, what I did hear absolutely astounded me! They appeared to be talking about washing and one of them said to the other "Oh no, I've put my line away now - I'm tumble drying everything now".

Probably the most electricity-hungry piece of equipment we can have in our homes is the tumble drier. Quite apart from the very "
un-green" aspect of that silly woman's statement - she obviously has no idea what her electricity bill costs every month (or is too rich to care).

I have a tumble drier, but I do everything possible
not to use it. Today is a beautiful September day- it is very warm, very sunny and only just a tiny bit breezy - and my washing is drying on the line. I will bring it in before the sun goes down and hang it carefully on the airer (I don't iron unless it is an absolute emergency!) so no electricity spent on drying that load of laundry! It smells better and costs less!

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