Wednesday, 17 September 2008


  1. Beware the BOGOF (buy one, get one free). Buy them only if you would normally use the item and, a) you can eat it soon, b) it’s freezable or c) it will store for a long time. Otherwise, you may just be buying stuff you will eventually throw away – not very frugal!
  2. Leave the kids at home. Pester power can cost you a whole lot more on your weekly shop and those mini supermarket trolleys for your kids to push around may get you some peace for a few moments, but it will come at a cost!
  3. Pay attention – the supermarket easy listening music is played to slow you down – a slower shopper looks longer and then buys more. Stick to your list and concentrate.
  4. Organise your cupboards, fridge and freezer and check them, list in hand, before you go shopping.
  5. Talking of lists – plan your weekly menus and stick to your list.
  6. Keep a record of what you are spending every week. If you are popping out in your lunch-break to pick up a few things, add it all up. The end of the week total may give you a shock. You can freeze enough milk and bread for the week (remember to defrost the night before you need it).The more times you visit a supermarket, the more you spend.
  7. Don’t always buy the biggest size if a smaller size is on offer (e.g. if it’s buy 2 for £2 instead of £1.50 each or BOGOF), check the price against how many grams you are getting and work out which size is cheaper- this is a good workout for your brain too (but take a calculator if you need it!).
  8. Check where all the reduced food is – and it’s not always in one place – it’s often left on its original shelf for a while until staff get around to moving it. Scan the store for the reduced labels – but again buy only if you will use the item. Buy reduced fruit and vegetables only if you know you can cook/eat/freeze them that night.
  9. Use coupons that you can cut out of newspapers and magazines. You can get info on where they will be from sites like
  10. While we’re talking about coupons, think about getting printable ones off the internet. Just Google for money off vouchers or coupons.

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