Friday, 21 March 2008


These little nests are a delicious treat for Easter tea (or any other time!!) and can be made for around 19 pence each (ingredients priced from supermarket). There are probably cheaper ready made alternatives on the supermarket shelves - but even if you make these with the cheapest dark chocolate, they will taste better!!!! (and have less "ingredients" in them!)

115 g Plain or milk chocolate, 4 crushed Shredded Wheat
50 g block butter or margarine, sugar coated chocolate mini eggs (around 36)

Put the butter (or margarine) and chocolate into a bowl. Melt in a microwave oven or over a saucepan of simmering water. Do not allow the mixture to become too hot. Stir in the crushed shredded wheat. When all the shredded wheat is covered in chocolate, spoon the mixture into cake papers (it's easier if the papers are rested in a bun tin, just until the nests are set). Roughly shape each one into a nest. Press three eggs into each nest while the chocolate is still soft. When cool store in an airtight box.

Makes about 12

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