Saturday, 9 February 2008


Small amounts of cash (or other rewards) can be earned from completing on-line surveys. These can take anything from 10 -25 minutes to complete and can be done from anywhere; home, work, college or uni. They email you when there is a survey to do and all you have to do is just log-in to the survey site with your password and username and you’re away! They often tell you how long each survey will take - really useful if you are doing it in your lunch break.

These surveys are about all kinds of things; your shopping habits, new advertising campaigns, the kind of drinks you like, etc. Sometimes they’re interesting, sometimes not so interesting, but if you just keep doing them, the cash or vouchers can add up.

Firstly, here’s one just for all you students out there!

Opinion Panel Research (strictly students only)
Calling all students: Opinionpanel Research have teamed up with Amazon to offer giftcertificates in return for the completion of short web-surveys. You get £10.00 just for registering and a further £1.00 to £2.00 per survey thereafter. Once you've reached £25, you receive your Amazon gift certificates by email.

To qualify you must have a valid email address issued by your university (i.e. ending in The certificates continue to roll-in after you've graduated, as you are automatically transferred to the Graduate Panel when you finish your studies.

Click here to register.

Here are two others that I like:

You Gov
I’ve just done a really quick survey with them of half a dozen questions – took a couple of minutes and earned me 50 pence. Okay, it’s not a lot but, particularly if you’re time rich and cash poor, then when that £50 cheque* comes through the letterbox – it will all seem worth it!
*You Gov automatically pays out when your balance reaches £50.
Click here to register:

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