Sunday, 6 January 2008


Well, here it is – 6th January 2008 – and how much have you spent so far? I have spent the grand total of £9.31 on the following:

  • A really nice cream bath towel from the charity shop (£1).
  • £5 on postage to post a book I’ve sold on Amazon (for much more).
  • £2.98 on 3 books from the charity shops (to sell on Amazon).
  • 0.33p on a first class stamp to send a birthday card.

I know all this because I’ve kept a record of it in my diary - yes, well, you may think that’s sad, but I’m saving up for something and writing down everything I spend each day concentrates the mind wonderfully!

Here are some things you can cut out in order to save money:

  • The January sales – just don’t go –it’ll soon be spring – who needs more last season’s winter clothes???
  • Those expensive take-away coffees – get up earlier and make a flask.
  • Take-away lunches – ditto – make your own lunch.
  • Cancel your gym membership – yes, I know we all need to shape up this time of year, but you can put on your favourite CD and dance around for an hour – or go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes everyday – much cheaper!
  • Stop buying chocolate – it undoes all your efforts at shaping up!
  • Stop using the plastic – draw a small amount of cash out every week and see how long you can make it last.

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